Chairman's Message

Of all the factors of production, I believe the most important is the Human Capital. Be it – the Entrepreneur or the Labour, the business requires the right kind of people. The Vision and Mission of the Management is translated into reality by the people in the organisation at various positions from top to bottom. The success of any business is in the hands of these people who runs the show. To achieve this goal, we need the right people at the right place. It is perhaps the toughest task each Business Enterprises faces. The job of identifying people with the right kind of attitude & aptitude, skill set,acumen, sound mind and body and traits of professionalism is really a challenging task. This challenge we took up in the year 2003 with the inception of an HR Consultancy – Resource Hunters HR Pvt Ltd at Kochi with a focus on GCC countries. Ever since, we have successfully recruited for various companies in GCC countries and today we are grateful to all our clients who have put their trust and faith in us.

I express my gratitude to our esteemed clients as well as our team at Resource Hunters HR Pvt Ltd for their hard work and dedication in this journey.

With best regards,
Majeed Abdulla