What We Do

At Resource Hunters, we assist and help our clients’ HR needs by finding the most suitable personnel in the industry. First, we study thoroughly the client’s requirements and necessities. In fact, we start thinking from the client’s view. Then we select the candidates according to their criteria so that there is no chance for a mismatch. After we select a candidate, we share maximum information about the company, its work culture, ethics, the nature of work, and projects, so that he gets a fair knowledge about the company. This will help him understand the company and prepare himself to suit the needs of the company.

In case if the candidate does not find himself suitable for the company, he can opt not to join. Thus, the candidate and the company are spared from meeting up with problems.

Only when we are convinced we do pass his information to the client. What’s more, we also do the prescreening of a candidate, evaluate them with technical experts, and conduct orientation for the potential candidates.